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About the Malaysian Oncological Society (MOS)

Malaysian Oncological Society (MOS) council members (2015-2018)
President: Dr Matin Mellor
Honorary Secretary: Dr Muhammad Azrif
Honorary Treasurer: Dr Tho Lye Mun
Council Members: Dato’ Dr Fuad Ismail
Dr Ho Gwo Fuang
Dr Mastura Md Yusof
Dr Marniza Saad
Dr Azura R. Ahmad

Secretariat of Malaysian Oncological Society
Unit 13-01, Amcorp Service Suites
Menara Melawangi
Pusat Perdagangan Amcorp
18, Jalan Persiaran Barat,
46050 Petaling Jaya,
Tel/Fax: 03-7960 0177


Consists of doctors/specialist who have an interest in treating cancer patients. The society members include oncologists, physicians and surgeons.
Started in 1976 as an academic society to enhance the knowledge of its members by organising talks, conferences and other academic activities related to cancer management

Enhance and update the members on the current issues related to cancer care
Provide a forum for discussion and collaboration with other specialist treating cancer such as physicians, surgeons
Provide expert advice to any government or non government agencies pertaining to cancer care
Provide accurate and up to date information on the management of cancer to doctors, news media, patients or any other professional bodies
Assist academic and government agencies in formulating clinical practice guidelines for the country
Educate the public on cancer screening, treatment and prevention
Excel in clinical research
To provide feedback, advice or comments on controversial issues that may affect the quality of care of cancer patients


Organising or sponsoring national, regional and International scientific meetings
Our members sit on advisory committees such as for clinical practice guidelines and national cancer registry
Public forums
Media interviews and educational articles on cancer
Sponsoring Good Clinical practice course for members
Coordinate research involving members and others

Our concerns

Issues on misinformation to the public on cancers screening, early detection and treatment
Promotion of unproven therapies that may potentially harm the patients
Late presentations of cancers among our patients due to lack of information, knowledge, and fear
Deficiency of Cancer treatment facilities and Oncologists specialists in Malaysia
Rising health cost in treating cancers especially costs of treatment machines and drugs
Delays in the approval process of yet to be registered drugs on name basis

Our commitment

MOS is prepared to offer its services as advisor to the MOH to improve the quality of cancer services in Malaysia
Offer services to the media through evidence based and non controversial articles ensuring the public does not get misled or become confused on the various issues related to cancer care
Offer collaborative services to other NGOs requiring input on cancer issues
Offer consultative / advisory services in vetting non evidence based / unproven claims on cancer screening, early detection and treatment
To promote Malaysian Oncological services for Health tourism

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